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New Products for 2018
sg1 Star Pool Cue by McDermott
Star Pool Cues by McDermott

sg1 - Star GO CUE

MSRP: $150

Top quality pool cues under $200

Star pool cues are some of the top billiard cue sticks available under $200. They feature premium maple and exotic woods, along with intricate 4-color overlays.

Every Star cue is designed, engineered and guaranteed for life by McDermott.

Go Cue

The Go Cue is a full-length 58” travel cue that breaks apart into three pieces for portability!


  • 3 pieces (21” shaft, 19” forearm, 18” handle)
  • Black paint
  • Green overlay pinstripe & rings
  • No-wrap handle
  • Stainless steel joint collar & butt plate
  • 3/8"-10 main joint
  • Quick release handle joint
  • Comes with portable travel case (21.5")
  • Fits in most suitcases!

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