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McDermott Collectible Retired Pool Cues
Retired Pool Cues

Identify your favorite McDermott pool cue.

Need help identifying your McDermott pool cue? Use this page to see past McDermott cues and identify which cue you own. While we do not list every retired cue model in this section, we have compiled a very comprehensive list of the most popular cues we’ve offered over our 35+ year history. Don't see your cue? Just email us with a picture of it and we'll help you identify it!

McDermott Handcrafted Cues has offered Limited Edition Cues beyond their standard cue line. From one-of-a-kind Masterpiece cues to our popular Cue of the Year editions, they are all extremely collectible. Some cues are engraved or hand numbered with the production serial number.

McDermott’s first line of cues, the MR Series consisted of ten models featuring the 3/8”-10 stainless pin, which continues as one of our trademarks today. The MR cues are identifiable by their decorative collars and joints, which were years ahead of their time. The Birdseye maple and East Indian rosewood used in each cue were hand-selected and properly seasoned ensuring a properly constructed cue. The standard wrap was nylon; leather or Irish linen was available as an option. Original MR cues are very difficult to find.

Building on the success of the MR Series, the B Series consisted of sixteen new models utilizing a wider variety of hardwoods (Bolivian walnut, Michigan maple, East Indian rosewood, West African ebony) attractively displayed in the inlaid points and employing a removable weight screw in the butt. This new weight feature allowed the customer to change the weight of the cue, which is still utilized today. Additionally the famous McDermott Clover was engraved into every cue. The cues featured nylon wraps on the B1-10 and leather or Irish linen on the B11-16.

In 1980, the B Series was replaced with the C Series. The C Series consisted of 21 models all displaying beautiful hardwoods, elaborate sleeve designs and intricate inlays. The cues featured nylon wraps standard; leather, cork and Irish linen was available as an option. These cues were widely known for their artistry and superb craftsmanship.

The fourth production line offered a wide array of options with unique design features. A customer literally had hundreds of combinations to choose from when ordering a D series cue. The D Series cues were used in the 1986 movie, The Color of Money, with Tom Cruise and Paul Newman. The cues featured nylon wraps on the D1-13 and leather, cork or Irish linen on the D14-26. The line used many exotic woods such as Birdseye maple, West African bubinga, East Indian rosewood, Bolivian walnut, West African ebony and Central American cocobolo. It remains one of the most popular series in McDermott history and its collector’s status appreciates every year.

Introduced in 1987, the Wildlife Series consisted of six cues featuring intricate inlaid exotic woods depicting a variety of wildlife scenes. Cork, leather and Irish linen were standard on this extraordinary series. Very collectible cues.

The Harley Davidson series has been under license since 1988 and has featured many of the most intriguing designs ever produced on a pool cue. The HD-1 through HD-7 are some of the most collectible models. The Jack Daniels series was offered from 2005-2007. Many licensed cues will not have the McDermott logo as per the specific licensing agreement.

With the technology of computer graphics and computerized milling machines, McDermott introduced the E Series cues in 1990. Many of these cues featured unique and elaborate inlays with different exotic woods (Mahogany, dymondwood, West African ebony, Central American cocobolo). This line consisted of 90 cues, nine stain colors and over 30 wraps. The E Series featured nylon wraps on most models and cork, leather and Irish linen on the others. The EM Masterpiece cues, the official cue of the McDermott National Nine-Ball Tour, featured the patented stainless steel “Centric” joint.

The Tournament of Champions cue was part of the McDermott National 9-Ball Tour in the early to mid 90’s. Winners of these tournaments received this special cue as a prize, thus ensuring its collectibility.

The Legend Series, Officially Licensed pool cues, honoring two great American icons: Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. The cues reflect their likenesses and capture their stardom and universal appeal. The cues were available with nylon, Irish linen or leather wraps. The very limited LGD-1 and LGD-2 cues continue to increase in value and round out any true collector’s series.

In 1995, the uniquely designed RS Series was introduced. This series reverted “back to our future” with the combination of top performance, cutting-edge design and tradition styling with deep grained natural wood inlays (Birdseye maple, Central American cocobolo, tulipwood) and ring work. All of the RS (Revival Series) cues were available with Irish linen or leather wraps at no additional charge. The RS-12 and RS-13 featured the Masterpiece joint.

In 1997, McDermott entered a new era with the introduction of the M Series, with over 100 cues and counting. Many M Series cues feature the Quick Release joint, a solid one piece stainless steel joint that delivers a solid hit, and deep grained inlays with intriguing points. The M Series features Lizard-embossed leather and Genuine Irish linen wraps; exotic woods from around the world; and 24K gold, pewter, turquoise. Many are instant collectible classics. The M Series cues are distinctive, elegant and irresistible.

Originally introduced with over 100 new models featuring G-Core and i-shaft technology.

Private Label cues were exclusively made for distributors such as Great Lakes Darts, Mueller’s Sporting Goods, and billiard associations. These cues were never featured in a McDermott catalog, but instead were sold through the companies that commissioned McDermott to produce them.