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Training Products

42" Training Cue

The Training Cue features a full size and weight cue ball attached to the tip. A perfect training tool for kids and beginners to prevent mis-cues and damaging the table cloth. Teaches proper ball contact to improve shot accuracy and consistency.

  • Cue ball attached to one-piece cue
  • Prevents mis-cues & scratches to table cloth
  • Teaches appropriate ball contact
  • Perfect for kids and beginners
  • 42" length

MSRP: $50Part #: TRCUE42

Ghostball Aim Trainer

The Ghostball Aim Trainer helps to improve focus and aiming points. It takes the confusion out of position play so you can better place the cue ball for your next shot. Designed for beginner to advanced level players, the Ghostball Aim Trainer gives instant visual feedback to help you improve your game. Includes a 12-page easy-to-use instructional booklet.

MSRP: $20Part #: EB-GAT

Jump Training Ball

Learn how to jump, jump-follow, jump-draw & jump-masse with the easy to use McDermott Jump Trainer. Simply line up your shaft to the guide line and hit the clover.

MSRP: $32Part #: 75-LOGOTRBALL