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We have a deep passion for creating some of the world’s most respected and sought after custom cues. Our Gallery Collection celebrates the originality of custom, investment-grade collectible cues. Each cue is a work of art. These cues showcase our craftsmanship, creativity and desire to build the finest cues using the most exotic materials from around the world. The Gallery Collection has three series that are categorized by their edition size.

Edition Size: 1
TFM1B Close Up

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  • Birdseye maple forearm
  • Black urethane no-wrap handle & sleeve
  • 12 sets turquoise, snakewood, black urethane & pewter points
  • 6 sets snakewood, birdseye maple, turquoise & pewter handle inlays
  • 6 sets snakewood, turquoise & pewter sleeve inlays
  • Turquoise & silver rings
  • McDermott stainless steel quick release joint
  • One of a kind, handcrafted masterpiece
  • Comes with two i-Shafts, i-2 & i-3

The TF-M1C has been sold.

Two Feather

Anthony “Two Feather” Squadroni has been designing pool cues for over 25 years. Many of his award winning cue designs have been featured in publications and shows internationally. Two Feather’s work is inspired by his native American heritage and his love for the game of billiards. We are proud to work with Two Feather on this Gallery Collection cue.