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Dave Dupuis


Dave became both provincial junior champion and 9-ball amateur champion in 1990. At that time, his time was divided equally between pool and snooker.

In both 1993 and 1994, Dave was invited to represent Canada in the World Team Billiards tournament with Claude Bernatchez, Luc Salvas, Chris Wood, Bill Ganne, Paul Thornley and Paul Potier.

After the birth of his son Nicolas in 1995, Dave put aside competition, however he still continued to play recreationally.

Pool has always been in the back of his mind and in december 2008 he decide to take out his cues from the closet. After many hours of practice, he was able to finish 2nd and 3rd in Quebec's pro tournaments.

Dave is now sharing his love and knowledge of the game through a player's blog where he reviews products and gives advice to others. McDermott cues let him review some of their products and he fell in love with the playability, craftsmanship and hit of their cues.

Name :Dave Dupuis
Birth Date. : October 16th 1968
Birth Place : Montreal, Canada

Start playing at 15 years old
Left handed
PRO since 1992

Playing cue : McDermott ELITE M66D Envy 19oz
Playing shaft : G-Core shaft with TRIANGLE tip
Breaking cue : McDermott Stinger NG02 19oz
Favorite games : 9-ball, 14.1 and snooker

Sponsors :
McDermott cues
Billard O'Tips
Promotion Denis St-Amour

Titles :
- Quebec amateur 9-ball champion 1990
- Quebec junior snooker champion 1990
- Festival de billard 9-ball (open) champion 1993
- McDermott Tour 9-ball champion - Lake George (NY) 1993
- CUESPORT 10-ball champion - Lasalle (Qc) 2000
- Won many local tournaments
Team Canada member (World Team Billiards) 1993 and 1994

Websites :

Dave Dupuis hit his first balls at the age of 15 and instantly felt in love with the game. He learned by playing against the best local players, participating in local weekly tournaments and watching pool videos. After a couple of years of practice, he was able to compete against Canada's finest players.