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Abram DIAZ

Abram Diaz-McDermott Cue Ambassador

"Too Tall"

Artistic Pool & Trick Shot Competitions

        Currently Ranked #9: WPA – Artistic Pool Division

Playing Cue: i-2 Shaft

McDermott Ambassador Since: 2010

Also Sponsored By: Kamui Tips

Competes: Worldwide

Home Clubs: On Cue Billiards — San Diego

Favorite Venues: On Cue Billiards — San Diego

Tips/advice for aspiring players:
Practice makes perfect. Trying your best is the first step to failure; but, it is also the first step to success.

Best advice he received from someone:
Even the best player in the world is beatable.

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Major Accomplishments

  • Currently Ranked #3: WPA – Artistic Pool Division
  • 2017 Masters Artistic Pool Championship: 3rd Place
  • 2017 WPA World Artistic Pool Championships - 9th Place
  • 2016 WPA World Artistic Pool Championships - 2nd Place
  • Finalist at the 2014 WPA World Artistic Pool Championships
  • 2013 WPA World Jumpshot Champion
  • 2012 WPA World Jumpshot Champion
  • 2012 US Open Bank and Kick Shot Champion
  • 2012 US Open Artistic Pool Championship — 2nd Place
  • 2012 World Class Artistic Pool Masters Cup — Trick and Fancy Shot Champion
  • 2011 WPA World Stroke Champion
  • 2011 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship — Quarter Finalist
  • Performed a trickshot exibition with Mike Massey on FOX News prime time
  • 2010 Artistic Pool Masters Championship — Placed in the top 10
  • Finalist at the 2008 APA National Artistic Pool Championship


Born May 26th, 1986, Abram Diaz began playing pool in November of 2007. Less than three years later he became a world ranked artistic pool player. Diaz said, "All you have to do is know what you want and work hard for it, and if you want it bad enough you'll get it."

Words from Diaz about McDermott: "I've been shooting with the Mcdermott i-2 shaft since 2008 after seeing Tom Rossman do some amazing shots with his i-Shaft. I figured I would give it a shot. No other aftermarket shaft delivers a more consistant hit than the Mcdermott i-2 and i-3 shafts. I tour with the best trickshot artists in the world and the shots we shoot in competition require maximum power, maximum spin, and a lot of finess. The McDermott i-Shaft series delivers all of this and much more. Since I made the purchase of my McDermott i-2 shaft, my game has been elevated to a new level."