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To custom order this cue call 1-800-666-2283
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Regular MSRP: $575
Cue of the Month Price: $375
Special price valid through 9/30/2011
Each month, McDermott customizes an existing cue for limited release. During the featured month, there is no customization charge applied to the cue. Customizations may include upgraded wrap, different stain or exotic woods, or changing out the materials in inlays and rings. Check back every month to see what our designers come up with next and to get ideas on how you can customize your McDermott!
• September 2011 Cue of the Month
• Bubinga forearm/sleeve
• 3 Birdseye Maple points
• Maple Index Rings
• Birdseye Maple Handle
• G-Core shaft
• 3/8"-10 joint
To custom order this cue call 1-800-666-2283
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G-Core Performance
The G-Core’s carbon fiber extends the first 7 inches of the shaft. This stabilizes the front impact area of the shaft for more control and reduces the inconsistencies found in traditional maple shafts.

Triple-Layer Design
The G-Core’s triple-layer design reduces vibration and minimizes shaft distortion. This increases radial consistency, which promotes enhanced accuracy and stability.

CT Technology
The G-Core utilizes our proprietary CT Technology (Carbon Tenon): a carbon fiber ferrule core that results in greater strength, efficiency and precision. This results in a stronger ferrule assembly with maximum impact properties and enhanced feedback. The red dampening device at the base of the ferrule helps reduce shaft vibration upon impact.

Radial Consistency
Radial consistency is the shaft’s ability to perform the same way on every shot, regardless of its orientation. The carbon fiber core technology found in the G-Core makes it one of the most radial consistent shaft on the market. The G-Core will consistently provide a straighter cue ball path, minimizing the need to compensate for spin and throw.

Everest Tip by Tiger
Each Everest laminated cue tip is individually tested for consistency, hardness and quality. It shapes like a hard tip, hits like a medium, but has the control of a soft tip. Everest tips have 10 layers that include a red warning layer to indicate when it needs replacement.