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February 2018 Cue of the Month full


February 2018 Cue of the Month

Regular MSRP: $435
February MSRP: $260

Special pricing valid through February 28, 2018.

Each month, McDermott introduces a new cue designed by our design experts and celebrates our ability to customize any cue in our catalog. We take a cue from the existing line and customize the materials, creating a custom cue. The Cue of the Month provides a custom option without having to pay the customizing upcharge.


February 2018 Cue of the Month
  • CUSTOM Madrone burl forearm/sleeve with burgundy stain
  • Bone urethane and CUSTOM silver & index rings
  • CUSTOM black butt plate
  • Genuine Irish linen wrap
  • G-CORE shaft
  • 3/8"-10 joint

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