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MSRP: $1,950
Showcase Series: Edition Size 50
McDermott’s Showcase cues are painstakingly handcrafted with the finest woods and exotic materials. Precision detailing and intricate inlays result in a true work of art. Each cue exhibits McDermott’s passion for building custom cues that are not only worthy of being on display at a museum, but built with same technology to run the table. Showcase cues come with a McDermott Certificate of Authenticity.
* Birdseye Maple forearm/sleeve
* Black Spies Hecker paint
* i-2 shaft
* McDermott Quick Release joint
* Custom Hand-cut Abalone Dragon
* Genuine Monitor Lizard leather wrap
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Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core
  1. Unidirectional fibers
  2. High-strength composite fibers for exceptional durability and hoop-strength
  3. Ultra-small diameter and unidirectional carbon fiber core

i-Shaft Construction
Intimidator i-Shaft gives players the freedom to change power and spin-rate to maximize the speed and accuracy of their shot. The patented i-Shaft system has identified the variable characteristics required in your game (Power, Control and Feel). Utilizing our proprietary Intimidator Carbon Energy (ICE) technology, we have designed the industry’s most radial consistent shaft to help maintain accuracy at all speeds.

Tenon Tip Technology
The i-Shaft's Tenon Tip technology transfers energy from the tip into the carbon fiber core producing a solid hit that maximizes the speed and accuracy of your shot.

Radial Consistency
The G-Core and i-Shaft utilize McDermott's proprietary triple-layer carbon fiber core technology to create the most radial consistent shafts on the market. Radial consistency is the ability to reproduce the same results regardless of the shaft's orientation. This means the shaft will perform the same way on every shot. McDermott's high-performance shafts consistently provide a straighter cue ball path, minimizing the need to compensate for spin and throw. The carbon fiber core's stability combined with McDermott's tri-core butt construction gives every cue a solid, consistent feel known throughout the industry as the "McDermott Hit."

Kamui™ Black Tip
The Kamui™ Black tip consists of the highest quality Japanese pigskin leather. It has a higher porosity, allowing the tip to hold its shape and chalk more effectively. The enhanced cue ball grip results in more control and accuracy with less force.

More Control More Accuracy More Chalk Less Mushroom
Kamui™ tips create more ball spin with less force. Increased spin on the cue ball means increased control of your play. Kamui™ tips limit squirt and deflection by gripping the cue ball. Your shots will be more accurate. Kamui™ tips hold more chalk because they have a higher porosity. More chalk means less miscues. Kamui™ tips stabilized treated leather resists shape distortion.