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Limited Edition Custom Cue

MSRP: $1,500
Edition Size: 12
McDermott pool cues are some of the most recognized products in the billiard industry. They are known for their quality construction, exotic woods, intricate inlays and limitless customization options. McDermott pool cues are proudly made in the U.S.A. and are covered by a lifetime warranty, which includes cue warpage.
• Birdseye maple forearm, sleeve & no-wrap handle
• 3 sets of cocobolo & turquoise points
• Cocobolo & turquoise handle inlays
• 3 sets of cocobolo & turquoise sleeve inlays
• Cocobolo & brass rings
• Intimidator i-2 shaft
• Stainless steel joint collar
• Includes a free SC 2x2 case

All 12 cues have been sold through our dealer network.

If you’re interested in purchasing a limited edition CUST1114 cue, you may contact one of these fine McDermott dealers for more information:

  • Classic Billiards
  • CheapCues.com
  • Seyberts
  • D & L Billiards
  • Billiard Warehouse
  • Sports For Fun
  • Discount Billiards
  • Southern Billiards
  • Blatt Billiards
  • Billiards Direct

Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core

The i-Shaft’s Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core extends the full-length of the shaft (from ferrule to joint), stabilizing the entire shaft for absolute control and predictability. This technology increases radial consistency, reduces vibration and virtually eliminates the inconsistencies found in a traditional maple shaft.

Tenon Tip Technology

The i-Shaft’s patented Tenon Tip Technology increases the "sweet spot" of the shaft by transferring energy from the tip directly into the carbon fiber core. This results in a more solid hit that maximizes the accuracy of your shot.

Radial Consistency

Radial consistency is the shaft’s ability to perform the same way on every shot, regardless of its orientation. The i-Shaft's Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core technology will consistently provide a straighter cue ball path, minimizing the need to compensate for spin and throw.

Navigator Premium Tips

Navigator tips are made using 100% Japanese pigskin leather. They are laminated and pressed utilizing a specialized method, which features a proprietary adhesive that won't affect the leather's hardness. This prevents oxidation, meaning the tip won't get harder after short usage.