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Congratulations to our previous Cue of the Month Giveaway winners!

Darlene Woods: July Winner, FD15
Robin Legum: May Winner, G311C2
Jerry Enos: April Winner, GS12C2
Courtney Prescott: March Winner, G212C
Anthony Legg: February Winner, G222C3
Lorena Lizotte: January Winner, G306C

Ralph Marchman: December Winner, G302C
Thomas Osborne: November Winner, G228C
Shannon Rosenow: October Winner, G324C
Robert Mason: September Winner, G209C
James Michelich: August Winner, G226C4
Elizabeth Vollbach: July Winner, G229
Tammy Duerr: June Winner, G307C
Kent Bridges: May Winner, GS12C1
Gary Haynes: April Winner, G222C2
Bill Thompson: March Winner, G303C2
Joel Christy: February Winner, G313C
Joshua Carlson: January Winner, G226C3

Linda Garis: December Winner, G323C
Denise Welch: November Winner, G203C
Phillip Thomas: October Winner, GS12C
Kathryn Cianci: September Winner, G201C
Sharon Kaminski: August Winner, G322
Randy Nimon: July Winner, GS01C1
Glenn Smith: June Winner, G205C
Jeanne Siegler: May Winner, G222C1
Bill Alvord: April Winner, GS01C
Marla Atterberry: March Winner, G222C
Cristy Ridey: February Winner, G226C2
John Berry: January Winner, G405C

Korin Kormick: December Winner, M54AC
Donna Bohnet: November Winner, G303C1
Chris Peterson: October Winner, G321C
Luis Galvan: September Winner, G206 w/ a free set of Elephant Balls Marble Rack.
Melissa Potter: August Winner, G211C
Lawrence Mccauley: July Winner, G204C
Patrick Roach: June Winner, HD38
Michael Zolkowski: May Winner, GS06C
Braden S. Ellis: April Winner, G211C
Thomas Knappenberger: March Winner, G303C
Andrew Oberg: February Winner, G407C
Laura Rachuba: January Winner, G205

Kari Farmer: December Winner, G214C
Mary Ewell: November Winner, G223C
Raymond Armstrong: October Winner, G226C
Jessica Hull: August Winner, MO3A
David Vigen: July Winner, G210C Double-Wash Stain
Andrew Smith: June Winner, G224C Spalted Maple
George Garbo: May Winner, G301C Double-Wash Stain
Renee Fosler: April Winner, G311C Ebony Inlay
Jeff Stephenson: March Winner, G303 w/ 2x4 Shooter's Collection Case
Lawrence Frampton: February Winner, G208C Zebrawood
Bob Kahns: January Winner, G305 Custom Inlay

John Walko: December COTM, G223A Custom Edition
Ray Fehr; November Custom Clover Competition; G303
Kim McHughes: October COTM, Special Edition G302
Susan Garrett: September COTM, Africa Special Edition Cue
There was no August COTM Giveaway winner, because of the release of the 2010 Cue line
Ron Hill, Helena, MT: July COTM, 35th Anniversary Cue
James Deery, Charleston, NC: June COTM ZOR3 WildfireZorro Engraved
Tom Latanowich, Richey, FL: May COTM M03C Bolivian Ring SE
Thomas Schoek, Albany, NY: April COTM M03B Bacote Sunrise SE
Larry Laborde, Baskin LA : March COTM M03A Gentry SE
Dan Gottesman & Andrea Evans: February Cues Of The Moth M02A/M02B
Dan Winters, Mckeesport, PA : January COTM M94H, Los Cabos with G-Core

Jim Wells, Norfolk, VA: December COTM M94G, Brasilia with G-Core
Israel Garcia, College Station, TX : November COTM M94F, Blue Arctic with G-Core
Jill Lucas, Valrico, FL: October COTM M94E, Black Magic with G-Core
Daryn Hamilton : Fairfield, IA: COTM M94D, Smooth Bladewith G-Core
Kurtis Bredda, Nekoosa, WI : August COTM M94C, Cat's Eye with G-Core
John Cook, Fredricksburg, VA : July COTM M92h-G02, Great Wolf with G-Core
John Pitek, Los Angeles, CA : June COTM M94B Cherokeewith G-Core
Stephanie Frier, Bartlett, IL : May COTM M92E-G02, Great Wolf with G-Core
LaQuenna Garcia, Lewisville, TX: April COTM M94A, Sling Blade
Shannon Karasti : Brook Park, MN: March COTM NG02, Stinger Jump Break
Dave Bourque, Milford, NH : February COTM M92A, Wildfire Trail of Tears
Tracy Jones, Sterling, IL : January COTM M91A & M91B Tacoma & Grande

Kevin McCarthy, Aurora, CO : December COTM M82G Atlantis
Amanda Frieer, Chicago, IL: November COTM M82F Galway
Sean Hipp, Powder Springs, GA: October COTM M82E Silver Cobra
Tim Mooney, Slatington,PA: September COTM ST8C Hustler & ST8D Stiletto
Phillip Nicholson, Monterey, CA: August COTM M82D Cortez
Troy Tupa, Friendswood, TX: July COTM M71C Vintage AND M71D Raider
Diann McLean, Hitchcock, TX: June COTM M82C Assassin Special Edition
Susan Treymayne, London, OH: May COTM M85D New Mexico
William Wolff, Telford, TN: April COTM ST8A & ST8B Ebony and Ivory
Joe Reynolds, Olean, NY. : March COTM M82B Bengal
Robert Shutte, Imperail, MO: February COTM M81E Brazil
Michael Hoaglan of Hemt, CA: January COTM M82A Black & Tan

Eric Axelberg of South Bend, IN: January COTM: M72A Dubliner
Debbie Ignatieff of Elk Grove, CA: February COTM: M72B Double Diamond
Jerry Ford of Socorro, NM: March COTM: M72E Daytona
Josh Gaspers, Summerville, SC: April COTM: M72D Milano
Donald Weihausen, College Station TX : May COTM: M72G Tahoe
William Murphy,Pembroke, MA : June COTM: M72F Heartbreaker II
Matt Przybylowsk, Chicago, IL: July COTM M71A Deacon
Donna Cohen, Boston, MA: August COTM M72C Rio
Jeremy Church, Aurora, CO: September COTM M72H Bolivia
Bob Cilano, Rochester, NY: October COTM M74A White Pearl Gecko
Robert Fisher, Westland, MI: November COTM C265 Red Pearl Plus
Wayne Crayton, Hammondsport, NY: December COTM M71B Infinity

Tim Wilson of Ottawa, IL: M33F Arizona
Ryan Higgins: MG43 Porsche Cobalt
Adam Kirshbaum of Jacksonville, FL: September COTM: M64C Sabre

Todd McAuliffe of Holt, MI: October COTM: M64D Phoenix
Ronald Forland of London, KY: November COTM: M11B Hustler
Christopher Flowers of San Jose, CA: December COTM: M64E