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Dynamo air hockey tables have been voted "Most Popular Game" by the Amusement and Machine Operators Association (AMOA) for 10 straight years. Because of their quality and durability, Dynamo air hockey tables are commonly found in arcades, family entertainment centers and billiard halls around the world.

Dynamo Hot Flash II Air Hockey Table Menomonee Falls

Hot Flash II Air Hockey Table

The Dynamo® Hot Flash II™ features the award-winning design and advanced technology that has made it the number one selling air hockey table in the world.

On display in our showroom!

  • UV coated playing surface and blacklight graphics for visual excitement
  • Easy-to-read overhead LED scoring display keeps pace with the action
  • Exciting colors and graphics for enhanced playing experience
  • Inclined sides offer improved player comfort
  • Patented "Dyna-Blast" blower system delivers fast, non-stop action
  • Regulation-size playing surface for home play
  • Tournament-tested rails ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Durable leg levelers for easy adjustments

Arctic Wind Air Hockey Table

The Arctic Wind's solid, no-frills table construction gives you rugged durability and an excellent playing experience.

  • Solid, reinforced leg supports prevent table movement during play
  • Heavy-duty cabinet featuring super-fast, no clog puck return
  • Ultra-quiet, high-volume blower keeps the game fast and fun with minimal noise
  • Aluminum rails guarantee quick and accurate deflection


Dynamo Arctic Wind Air Hockey Table Menomonee Falls


Dynamo Fire Storm Air Hockey Table Menomonee Falls

Fire Storm Air Hockey Table

The Dynamo® Fire Storm features Interactive LED lighting and a dramatically sculpted overhead design making Fire Storm a showpiece in any location or FEC. A World-class revenue earner ready to replace or supplement those existing Dynamo tables.

  • Striking new overhead design adds to the visual pizazz!!
  • Adjustable game sounds, with speaker placed behind each goal end for maximum player enjoyment
  • Interactive multi-color LED lighting
  • Time-tested Dyna-blast blower system for unparalleled game play action
  • Infrared jam-proof scoring with improved goal ends to reduce jamming and down time
  • Blacklight reactive Flaming orange trim and graphics catch players’ attention!

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