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Our new Milwaukee Game Room Gallery features a wide variety of Connelly pool tables for sale. Connelly is known throughout the billiard industry for their high standards in quality and craftmanship. A Connelly table is the perfect addition to your new game room. Stop in and see which pool tables are on sale!

Scottsdale 9' Pool Table

Rooted in the style of tables from the old west and meticulously crafted, the Scottsdale is a powerful piece that features a stylish double-arched cabinet, carved blinds and 6” rails designed to improve shooting hand stability.

Check it out in our Milwaukee Game Room Gallery!

Connelly Scottsdale Pool Table Milwaukee
Connelly Ventana Pool Table Milwaukee

Ventana 8' Pool Table

Optional Accessory Drawer Available

With large, bold legs lined with beautiful brass inserts, the Ventana is the kind of piece that will make your game room pop.

Available in a variety of woods, the Ventana boasts the very best of the ‘form meets function’ Plateau line of tables.

Not only does the table feature tournament-grade 1.25” highly responsive slate, but also has a drawer to store your equipment. The Ventana gives the player a space that allows for premium play and maximum functionality.

Check it out in our Milwaukee Game Room Gallery!

San Carlos 8' Pool Table

Designed to take the day-to-day pounding of an active family game room, the San Carlos features rapid rails, 1” industry-standard slate and comes in 4/4 American hardwood, 1.5” durable melamine, or American Hardwood veneer.

With 5” rails, you’ll get unmatched durability and great performance at an unbeatable price.

Check it out in our Game Room Gallery!


Connelly San Carlos Pool Table Milwaukee


Connelly Prescott Pool Table Milwaukee

Prescott 8' Pool Table

Stunning ebony finish with brilliant custom leather lining around the outside of the table, the Prescott is one of the cleanest looking designs in the entire Plateau collection.

It’s custom leather pockets and claw-designed legs are just a compliment to the table’s incredible playing surface, which includes a six-inch railing for improved shooting hand stability and 1.25” tournament-grade slate.

The best of both worlds, the Prescott gives you a combination of performance and elegance at an unbeatable price.

Check it out in our Game Room Gallery!

Kayenta 8' Pool Table

Bold, beautiful, bright designs and colors meet form, function, durability and performance with the Canyon Collection’s Kayenta table. K-66 profile cushions, 1” Connelly certified slate and rapid rail technology means that this table plays as well as it looks. All at an affordable price!

Check it out in our Milwaukee Game Room Gallery!


Connelly Kayenta Pool Table Milwaukee


Connelly Chiricahua Pool Table Milwaukee

Chiricahua 8' Pool Table

Bold hand-carved designs and powerful appearance of this table is matched only by the Chiricahua culture that inspired it.

This prominent future piece of your game room gives you remarkable performance at a price you can afford. Six inch rails help improve your shooting hand stability.

That’ll help you take full advantage of the table’s electric surface – from its 1.25” tournament grade slate to its ICON cushions.

The table also comes with a variety of customizable features that help you make this table uniquely your own and a valuable heirloom that can be passed on to future generations.

Check it out in our Milwaukee Game Room Gallery!

Sabino 7' Pool Table

Southwestern flair and durability are front and center with the Canyon line’s Sabino table.

Built from a variety of durable materials, the Sabino is meant to provide the player with a piece that can take a lot of wear and tear but also offer a great playing experience and a hint of elegance.

With 5-inch hardwood rails and 1-inch Connelly certified slate, this family favorite is hard to beat!

Check it out in our Milwaukee Game Room Gallery!

Connelly Sabino Pool Table Milwaukee

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