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Break/Jump Shaft

Stinger technology takes the hit energy to the center of the shaft, regardless of where you hit the tip. Our tip can be shaped flatter than a typical break cue’s tip. The flatter profile causes the Stinger tip to have a huge “sweet spot.” You can mishit and still get the result you intended.

Stinger Patented Phenolic Tip/Ferrule Technology

Patented Stinger
Phenolic Tip/Ferrule Technology

The tip features a “stinger” stem that projects downward through a hole in the center of the ferrule. On impact, the shock of the hit goes to the center of the tip and down the stinger stem, transmitting the impact directly to the center of the shaft. This results in a very efficient, precise hit.

Taper: Short Break/Jump
Shaft Size: 13.25mm phenolic tip
Joint: 3/8"-10 (standard)
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