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McDermott Pool Cues

Top Quality Billiards Products Made in the USA

We manufacture and distribute some of the best pool cues and shafts in the world. We are an American company and our pool cues are known for their quality construction, exotic materials and intricate inlays. Looking for a custom pool cue? We will work with you to customize a pool cue to your exact specifications. McDermott pool cues and shafts are covered by a lifetime warranty against warpage and manufacturing defects.


McDermott American Made G-Series Pool Cues with i-Shafts
G-Series Cues with i-Shaft

Price Range: $780-$2,000+

McDermott American Made G-Series Pool Cues with G-Core Shafts
G-Series Cues with G-Core Shaft
Price Range: $260-$699

McDermott American Made G-Series Pool Cues with All-Maple Shafts
GS-Series Cues with Maple Shaft

Price Range: $215-$240

These American made cues come standard with our best pool cue shaft, the Intimidator i-Shaft (a $259 value). Each cue showcases our passion for performance, craftsmanship, quality and innovation.
These pool cues are made in the U.S.A. and come standard with our top-selling G-Core shaft (a $159 value). They feature intricate inlays and rings and are made from some of the most exotic woods and materials in the world. They are some of the best value pool cues available today.
These American made pool cues feature our traditional all-maple shaft. These cues have an all-maple butt that is enhanced with our premium stain and finishing process. Our G-Series All-Maple cues are arguably the best deals you'll find for an American made pool cue.

McDermott's Classic Pool Cues Made in the USA
Classic Series Pool Cues

Price Range: $435-$1,780


American Made Wildfire Wood Carving Pool Cues
Wildfire Engraved Pool Cues

Price Range: $299-$420


Jim McDermott Cue of the Year | American Pool Cues
McDermott Cue of the Year
Limited Edition Pool Cue Series

Price Range: $1,299-$1,999

McDermott Classic cues feature models instantly recognized as some of our most unique creations. Their timeless designs and precision craftsmanship define a generation in our history.
Wildfire cues start with a premium crafted McDermott cue. Then, our advanced wood carving and 3D rotational wood burning technology carves intricate drawings into these unique cues.
The McDermott Cue of the Year raises the bar of excellence in custom pool cues. Each set of limited edition cues uses the rarest materials and exotic woods from around the world.

McDermott Gallery Collection Pool Cues
Gallery Collection

Rare, Collectible Pool Cues
Price Range: $1,299-$150,000


McDermott Cue of the Month
Cue of the Month Series

Price Range: Under $500


Custom Build a Pool Cue
Custom Pool Cues

Our Gallery Collection celebrates the originality of custom, investment-grade collectible cues. Each cue is a work of art. These cues showcase our craftsmanship, creativity and desire to build the finest cues using the most exotic materials from around the world. The Gallery Collection has three series that are categorized by their edition size.
Each month, McDermott introduces a new cue designed by our design experts. These cues celebrate our ability to customize any cue in our catalog. We take a cue from the existing line and customize the materials, creating a custom cue and showcasing how unique our cue building process is. They provide a custom option without having to pay the customizing upcharge.
Start with a blank McDermott pool cue... your canvas. Decide what you want and how you want it. The combinations are endless! Custom inlays, Custom build-a-cues, Custom art cues
  Licensed Pool Cues

Licensed Pool Cues

Price Range: $69-$550


McDermott Retired Pool Cues
Retired Pool Cues

McDermott Pool Cue Archive

McDermott Licensed cues feature a select variety of the names and brands you have come to know and love like: Harley-Davidson, Jack Daniels, Ford Motors & more!
McDermott's retired cue section is an archive of McDermott's catalog cues from years past. Many are now collector's cues are quite rare and have appreciated greatly in value. These cues are not for sale but rather a look into McDermott's past.