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New Products for 2018

New Products for 2018

The new 2018 additions include: the i-Pro high-performance shaft, the 2018 Cue of the Year & Cue of the Year Enhanced, 60 new carom cues, new Stinger break/jump cue, new Sledgehammer break cue, two new Lucky jump cues, a 3x5 Sport Case, Silky Smooth Shaft Wax, Navigator tips & accessories, a new Harley-Davidson cue and a new Training Cue.

Scroll down to see all the new exciting models.

New McDermott Cues


2018 Cue of the Year Enhanced

MSRP: $1,999


2018 Cue of the Year

MSRP: $1,399


Featuring a new pearl material!

MSRP: $455

Harley-Davidson Pool Cue


Harley-Davidson Cue

MSRP: $340

New i-PRO High-Performance Shaft

Carom Cues

Over 60 popular McDermott cue designs that have been tailored to meet the specifications for carom.

New Break/Jump Cues


Stinger Break/Jump Cue

MSRP: $225


Sledgehammer Break Cue

MSRP: $275


Lucky Jump Cue

MSRP: $75


Lucky Jump Cue

MSRP: $75

3x5 Sport Case

Featuring backpack-style shoulder straps!

MSRP: $170

Navigator Premium Tips and Chalk

Silky Smooth Shaft Wax

Silky Smooth Shaft Wax cleans,
seals & conditions wood shafts.
Makes shaft smoother to the touch.

MSRP: $7.50

42" Training Cue

The Training Cue features a full size and weight cue ball attached to the tip. A perfect training tool for kids and beginners to prevent mis-cues and damaging the table cloth. Teaches proper ball contact to improve shot accuracy and consistency.

MSRP: $42