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McDermott Display Cases & Posters

Display Case w/ Accessory Shelf

Left compartment holds up to 10 cues with shafts. Right compartment consists of shelves designed to display accessories such as tips, scuffers, tip tools and more. 34"H x 25"W x 6.5"D

MSRP: $260

Hexagon Rotating Display Case

Hexagon-shaped display case holds up to 24 cues with shafts. Free-standing case rotates 360 for easy viewing. 36"H x 19.5"D


MSRP: $260
*Assembly required

Universal Display Case

Holds 12-20 cues and is universally mountable on slat wall, peg board or directly to wall. Display includes interchangeable header cards.

75-12/20 DISPLAY

MSRP: $155

McDermott Vinyl Banner

3' x 2'


MSRP: $40