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Dr. Cue Lesson 69: 2-Cushion “Midpoint” Kick System

Dr. Cue shows just how to do a 2-cushion kick shot using a simple midpoint kick system to make sure your opponent does not get ball in hand. This example is used when both balls are on the same half of the table.

Dr. Cue Lesson 68: M&M Banking System

In lesson 68, Dr. Cue shows you another way on how to play a frozen ball on the cushion. Dr. Cue shows a great way to play it safe in a game of 9 ball when the intended pocket is blocked. He also shows exactly how to make a easy bank shot to the corner and how to adjust when practicing the shot.

Dr. Cue Lesson 67: Banking System (Slide Zone Banks)

In lesson 67, Dr. Cue shows you an exercise you can use to understand the subtle adjustment needed to make a slide zone bank shot. These adjustments are done to offset the sliding motion that the object ball will do on the first bank due to it not being frozen on the cushion.

Dr. Cue Lesson 66: Sight & Shoot Technique for Bank Shots

In lesson 66, Dr. Cue teaches you a Sight & Shoot technique to help you make bank shots more consistently..

Dr. Cue Lesson 65: M & M Banking System (Standard Rolling Bank – Part 2)

In Lesson 65, Dr. Cue continues where he left off in lesson 64 on how to make a standard rolling bank shot by eliminating the guessing and becoming systematic.


Dr. Cue Lesson 64: M & M Banking System (Standard Rolling Bank – Part 1)

In Lesson 64, Dr Cue goes into detail the first steps to take to do a standard rolling bank shot cross side.


Dr. Cue Lesson 63: Two Rail Kick System Variances!

In lesson 63, Dr. Cue shows you the way to make the contact ball every time when you are blocked using a two rail system.


Dr. Cue Lesson 62: Basic Two-Rail Kick System (Plus2)

Dr. Cue shows you his favorite system and how it can help you get out of a spot where your opponent thinks they played you safe.


Dr. Cue Lesson 61: One Cushion 7th Pocket Kick System

In lesson 61, Dr. Cue teaches us how to use a basic one rail kick using the 7th pocket kick system.


Dr. Cue Lesson 60: One Cushion – With Blockage!

In lesson 60, Dr. Cue goes over what to do when your normal one cushion shot is blocked.