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Okinawa Slim-McDermott Cue Ambassador

"Okinawa Slim"

Artistic Pool, Trick Shot Competitions, 8–Ball, 9–Ball, 10-Ball, 14.1 & Exhibitions Tours

Playing Cues: M8P1 "Prestige I" for TV and promotions
                            C17, D19 and D21 used for competitions

Break/Jump Cue: Stinger NG05

McDermott Ambassador Since: June 1982

Competes: Worldwide

Home Clubs: Kennesaw Billiards, Cue’s Billiards, Mr. Cue’s II and Marietta Billiards Club

Favorite Venues: Leader’s Club — Saint Petersburg, Russia

Tips/advice for aspiring players:
Never give up on your dreams; continue to work hard at your game to reach your goals. Practice, don’t do drugs and most importantly, listen to learn.

Best advice he received from someone:
My Father always told me: "Success is built from hard work. Never give up on things that you believe in. Be quick to hear and slow to speak. Always complete what you start."


Major Accomplishments

  • Performed trick shot exhibitions all over the World
  • Retired Marine with over 20 years of service
  • 1987-2002 Performed over 100 trick shot exhibitions and won over 100 billiard tournaments

  • 2017:
    • Georgia State Golden Games Olympics for Billiards — Champion
    • Fulton County Golden Games Olympics for Billiards — Champion
    • Recipient of a Proclamation from the Mayor City of Houston, Texas for Billiards and Charity work
    • Recipient of a Proclamation from the Cobb County Board of Commissioners for Billiards and Men's Health Month Awareness
    • Guest on the American Billiard Radio Show - "The Skinny on Slim"
    • Guest on DNA Sports Talk

  • 2016:
    • Nominated for the BCA Hall of Fame—Meritorious Service catagory
    • 2016 Georgia State Golden Games Olympics — Champion
    • 2016 Lifetime Youth Mentorship Achievement Award for Humanitarian Service

  • 2015:
    • 2015 Georgia State Golden Games Olympics — Champion
    • 2015 Cobb County Golden Games Olympics — Champion
    • Guest Appearance on The Mattie Rock ShowAtlanta, Georgia
    • Retired Certified Government Financial Manager / Certified Finance Officer

  • 2014:
    • Host for a potential reality show, Ultimate Pool Shark

  • 2006-2009:
    • Rated as the #1 African American Trick Shot Artist in the World
    • President, World Pool Billiard Association-Artistic Pool Division.

  • 2008:
    • 2008 World Artistic Pool Championship — 20th Place

  • 2007:
    • Highest Achievement — 32nd World Ranking in the World of Artistic Pool
    • 2007 World Artistic Pool Championship — Banks/Kicks Discipline — 2nd Place
    • 2007 World Artistic Pool Championship — Overall — 18th Place
    • Appointed Billiards Chairman of the Georgia State Games (First time in 17 Years)
    • Guest Appearance on WAGA-TV Fox 5 Good Day Atlanta

  • 2006:
    • 2006 World Artistic Pool Championship — 25th place
    • Recipient of the 2006 World Artistic Pool Championship Sportsmanship Award
    • First African American President to lead a Major Pool Organization
    • Masters Artistic Pool Championship — 17th place

  • 2005:
    • BCA Team Championships — 17th Place (out of 700 teams) — Las Vegas, Nevada
    • 2005-2006 Vice President, World Pool Billiard Association-Artistic Pool Division
    • Guest Appearance on WAGA-TV Fox 5, Good Day Atlanta with Actress/Model “Ki Toy Johnson”
    • Guest Appearance on UPN, Atlanta Tonight Show
    • Guest Appearance on 91.9FM WCLK Jazz Radio Station — Atlanta, Georgia
    • Guest Appearance on WATN-TV Show, Ladies in the Locker RoomAtlanta, Georgia
    • Guest Appearance on WTAE-TV Healthy 4Life ExpoPittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • 2004:
    • 2004-2005 Appointed as the World Pool Billiard Association-Artistic Pool Division Sportive Relations Player Liaison for North America.
    • Appointed as Youth Billiards Director for Emmanuel Lewis Future Begins Now Organization.
    • Technical Advisor for a billiard scene in the film Nothing to Loose
    • Billiard Congress of America Georgia State 8-Ball Championship — 2nd Place
    • BCA 12th Annual Men's Artistic Pool National Championship — 2nd PlaceLas Vegas, Nevada

  • 2003:
    • World Ranking — Top 100 UPA 9-Ball Tour

  • 1999:
    • Recipient of the Outstanding Georgia Citizen Award for Goodwill Ambassador

  • 1998:
    • Recipient of the Outstanding Georgia Citizen Award for Goodwill Ambassador

  • 1988:
    • Champion of 2nd Annual Coors Military Billiard Tournament

  • 1986:
    • Exhibition for Billiard "Challenge of the Sexes" Steve Mizerak vs. Jean Balukas - Long Island, New York
    • Unofficial World Record Holder for a timed trickshot, 16 Balls in 4.5 seconds
    • Guest Appearance on WREX Channel 13 — Rockford, Illinois

  • 1982:
    • 1982 — served as President of the Leatherneck Pocket BilliardsCamp Pendleton, California
    • Armed Forces 14.1 Champion, Southern Pacific Regional
    • Exhibition for the "Bob Hope USO" - Hollywood, California

  • 1980:
    • Armed Forces 9 Ball Champion
    • 1979 & 1980 Armed Forces 14.1 Champion
    • 1979 & 1980 Rated as the #1 pool player in Okinawa, Japan, won 16 consecutive pool tournaments
    • 1979 & 1980 Served as President of the Okinawa Slim Pool Club


It all started back in a musty old pool hall in Sanford, Florida. A skinny 7-year-old boy stacked two soda crates atop each other so he could shoot his first game of pool. It was a game long-remembered by that skinny little boy, who is now a retired Marine after 20 years of service and known by many as "Okinawa Slim."

His father owned a Billiard Parlor, a Restaurant and a Tavern—where his brothers and he used to imitate the styles of famous pool players. Combining and perfecting these first attempts at the game, Slim later refined and sharpened these bona fide styles into his own unique style. By spending so much time stooped over the felt-covered tables, Slim became quite proficient at the game. When he was 10, he played his first money game. Although that first game was performed for only a quarter, it was a quarter that Slim won. He would beat players that came into his father's Billiard Parlor that were twice his age! It was also the onset of a long series of winnings that would lead Slim to eventually reach a higher level.

As he reached his mid-teens, Slim had a hankering to travel. So he and his older brother set out. They traveled from town to town, from table to table, searching for their fame and fortune. To support their travels, Slim and his brother took jobs at the Oakland Recreation Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Several professionals frequented the center. They offered Slim pointers on how to improve his game. "I learned a lot from them," Slim said. He was labeled “Iceberg Slim” while he was associated with the center. His peers were awed that nothing could waiver his concentration at the tables.

The travel bug hit Slim again, but instead of rambling about the Eastern Seaboard, he considered another alternative. His brother, a Marine, dared him to join the Corps. At first Slim planned to join the Navy; but, his brother said he ought to try the Corps—so he did. After completing boot camp, he was just called Slim.

In May 1979, Slim was transferred to Okinawa, Japan. At first he was a bit homesick, so he played pool to keep himself busy and to take his mind off of the thought of being so far from the States. Slim spent most of his time playing at the Schilling Recreation Center, located at Kadena Air Force Base. In late December of that year, the center sponsored a pool tournament—which Slim eagerly entered. After four hours of stiff competition, Slim emerged champion, clutching a 1st place trophy for his pool playing expertise. Not only did he leave the competition with a 1st place trophy, but also with the title of “Okinawa Slim”.

“Okinawa Slim” continued to repeat this feat throughout his tour, taking on military personnel as well as local nationals winning 16 consecutive pool tournaments between the ages of 21 & 22 on Okinawa.

At the age of 22, Slim had the opportunity to travel and compete against players in Japan, Australia, Guam, Korea and Hawaii. He also played in his first professional pool tournament in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. At the age of 23, he competed against world champions such as Allen Hopkins, Lou Butera, Mike Massey and Little Al Romero.

Slim is currently working on a pilot for a potential reality TV show; working on a book; involved in helping the Boys & Girls Club; and working in the community, giving back to seniors and others in need.