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Mike Massey

Mike Massey has been considered pool’s best trick shot artist for almost 30 years. He was voted the best in history by Billiards Digest. Since the BCA and WPA began sanctioning Artistic Pool in 2000, Mike has won every event in which he has competed except one.

Mike has also won professional events in 9-Ball, 8-Ball, One Pocket, Straight Pool, and snooker. Two of Mike’s most amazing accomplishments were in two 24-hour poolathons. In one, he pocketed 8,090 balls playing with one arm and in the other Mike ran 330 racks of 9-Ball in Austria on live television. The following is a listing of some of Mike’s tournament wins and other accomplishments:

Player Profile
Major Titles 2003  ESPN World Invitational Trick Shot Magic Champion
2003  World Artistic Pool Champion
2002  World Artistic Pool Champion
2001  World Artistic Pool Champion
2000  World Artistic Pool Champion
High Runs High run in 9-Ball tournament play: 9 racks
High run in 9-Ball challenge match: 13 racks
High run in a Straight Pool exhibition match: 224 balls

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