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Mark McDonald

Mark McDonald-McDermott Cue Ambassador

"The Bear"

8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball & Straight Pool

    Irish No. 1 in 8-Ball & 9-Ball

Playing Cue: G224 with a 12.25mm G-core shaft

Breaking Cue: Stinger Cue with an i-1 Big Boy shaft

McDermott Ambassador Since: 2005

Competes: Locally, nationally (Ireland) & throughout Europe

Home Club: Greenroom Billiards — Bolton, England

Favorite Venue: 9-Ball Cafe — Austria

Tips/advice for aspiring players:
"Enjoy the game, practice hard and keep focused."

Best advice he received from someone:
Practice breeds confidence and confidence breeds success.

Major Accomplishments

  • 6 All-Ireland titles
  • 2012-2013: Irish No.1 Pro Tour ranking
  • Multiple Irish pro season winning titles
  • Greenroom pro season current No.1

  • 2011:
    • Ireland O2 Open Champion
    • Represented Ireland at the World Cup of Pool qualifiers — Austria
    • Co.Fermanagh Open 9-Ball Pool Champion

  • Represented Ireland at the 2009 European Championships
  • 2008: Ireland's Star of the Future Champion

  • 2007:
    • Ulster Open 9-Ball Champion
    • Men's Belfast Premier Event Finalist
    • Belfast Vegas league winner
    • 8-Ball World Championships — Finished in the top 16

  • Represented Northern Ireland in the 2006 & 2007 World 8-Ball Championships

  • 2007:
    • All-Ireland Champion
    • Belfast Open Champion
    • Club 9 Shootout Champion
    • Club 9 Junior Open Champion
    • O2 Men's Shootout Winner


Mark is a well known force on the Irish pool scene with multiple Irish titles and a glittering junior career. Now moving onto the bigger events like the GB9 & the European tour. Mark plans on continuing with his Irish dominance, hopefully picking up some more achievements overseas along the way. Keep an eye out for this Irishman!