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Ed Fee

Edward Fee-McDermott Cue Ambassador

Ed "no win no" Fee

Blackball, 8-Ball, 9-Ball & 10-Ball

Competes: London Area, GB 9-Ball Tour

Playing Cue: G213 with an i-3 Shaft

McDermott Ambassador Since: 2016

Tips/advice for aspiring players: Be decisive.

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Major Accomplishments

  • Tournaments Competed In:
    • 2011-Present: GB 9-Ball Tour
    • 2015 & 2016: UK 9-Ball Open
    • 2015: French 9-Ball Open
    • 2014: Golden 8-Ball Tournament — blackball


From an early age Ed Fee has been drawn to cue sports. During his teenage years, Ed lived in Portugal where he played pool and learned trick shots on American tables at the local cafes. He went on to serve eight years in the military.

Ed made his return to cue sports in 2008—playing competitive snooker and English 8-ball across the UK and within Morecambe District leagues (England). He qualified for the GB 9-ball Tour in 2011.

Ed moved to Blackpool, England, in 2014 where he played in the elite blackball league, Golden 8 Ball. He also travelled to Liverpool 9-ball events and the Total 9-ball tour in Essex and St Albans. Ed recently moved to Kent, just outside London , and plans to compete in more tournaments throughout the London area.

His future plans include receiving coaching, getting involved in Chinese 8-ball, travelling to overseas open tournaments and competing on the EuroTour.

Ed is a certified IPCRA blackball referee and is featured in the computer game Virtual Pool 4 by Celeris Games.