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Brian Pauley-McDermott Cue Ambassador


Artistic Pool & Trick Shot Competitions

        Currently Ranked #11: WPA – Artistic Pool Division

Playing Cue: G903 with an i-3 Shaft

Break Cue: Stinger Cue

Jump Cue: i-1 Big Boy Shaft with a Jump Handle

McDermott Ambassador Since: 2015

Competes: Nationally in the U.S.

Home Club: Whiskey Barrel — Springboro Ohio

Favorite Venue: Horseshoe Casino — Derby City Classic

Tips/advice for aspiring players:
Don’t get frustrated when success doesn’t happen right away. Keep plugging away at it. Above all else, have fun and keep reminding yourself why you play this great game.

Best advice he received from someone:
Have confidence that you can compete with anyone and just play the table—not your opponent.

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Major Accomplishments

  • 2017:
    • 2017 Masters Artistic Pool Championship
      • 6th Place
      • Special Arts Discipline Champion
  • 2016:
    • 2016 WPA World Artistic Pool Championships
      • Finished 9th
  • 2015:
    • WPA Masters Artistic Pool Championship
      • Finished 7th
      • Rising Star Award
      • Bank/Kick Discipline Runner-up
      • Earned #24 ranking in the world for artistic pool

    • WPA World Artistic Pool Championship28th Place
    • ACSISA Open Artistic Pool Championship18th Place

  • 2014:
    • Dr. Cue Artistic Partners Cup
      • 2nd Place
      • Runners-up — Follow and masse disciplines


Brian started playing pool at the age of 9 when his parents moved to a house with a pool table. He fell in love with the game immediately and started spending a lot of time on the table. Seeing that Brian’s love for the game wasn’t temporary, his dad bought him some training videos to aid in his son’s journey. One of the videos caught Brian’s eye the most, “Amazing Trickshots.” He started spending hours trying to duplicate some of the shots.

Years later Brian started playing in pool tournaments at a local pool hall, which is where he earned is pool nickname of Superman. “I am a huge geek and my wardrobe reflects that. I wore a superman shirt one week and finished really well. I started wearing superman shirts every week after that and the nickname stuck. The tournament director would call Superman over the PA instead of my name. Half the people in there didn’t know my real name, they only knew me as superman.”

Brian got more into trick shots when he saw ESPN’s Trick Shot Magic. Like before, Brian spend hours trying to duplicate the shots from such greats as Tom Rossman and Mike Massey. After meeting up with Gospel Trick Shot founder Steve Lillis, Brian joined the group and performed a few GTS trick shows himself. Through GTS Brian was introduced to McDermott cues. In 2014 Brian entered Tom Rossman’s Artistic Partners Cup as an amateur artistic pool player and was paired with pro artistic pool player and fellow McDermott cue ambassador player Jason “The Michigan Kid” Lynch and the pair took 2nd place. In 2015 Brian played in his first professional Artstic event and earned a pro ranking and fulfilled a dream.

“My dreams as a kid were to become a professional pool player and be sponsored by a cue company. I have now achieved both. Before I shot with McDermott, I couldn’t do some of the stroke shots in the pro shot program. After getting a McDermott cue with an I-2 shaft, I was able to perform the shots. I switch between the I3 and the I2 shafts. I will put them up against any performance shaft around. I have found they hold up better than anything out there.”

Brian is currently ranked 24th in the world by the World Pool Association and looks to improve upon that at this year’s World Championships. “I want to be a world champion and I won’t stop until I am.”