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Aristotle Uda

Aristotle Uda -McDermott Cue Ambassador


9-Ball & Rotation

Playing Cue: G320 with an Intimidator i-3 shaft

Breaking Cue: McDermott Sledgehammer Break Cue

McDermott Ambassador Since: 2016

Competes: Amateur Level B-class  Japan national and regional (Tokai region)

Home Club: R.T.B. Inuyama City

Best advice he received from someone:


Major Accomplishments

  • 2016
    • B-class House/Invitational Tournament - 1st place
    • All-Japan rotation Class B (regional representative)  no place  2x
    • Regional 9-ball tournament (Best 8)  2x
    • couple 1st & best 4(3x) place finishes different House Tournaments Class B
  • 2015
    • All-Japan rotation Class B  (regional representative)  no place
    • Regional 9-ball tournament (Best 8)
    • Few 1st & best 4 place finishes different House Tournaments Class B  


I grew up and went to school in the Philippines. I had the fortune of having a two kids at an early age, which lead me to decide to go work abroad. I went to Japan to work and stay here since.

I was playing pool before I left for Japan. Started to play pool again a couple of years back. Long hours at work leave me  a few or sometime no time to play pool. But I like competing so even with less practice I still join tournaments as much as possible.