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Terry Davies

Terry Davies - McDermott Ambassador


8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball

Playing Cue: G709

Break Cue: Sledgehammer SH1

McDermott Ambassador Since: 2017

Competes: UK

Home Club: Redz Snooker Club

Favorite Venue: I would say it’s between Bridlington spa theatre or Blackpool imperial hotel, where used to play English 8 ball Pool at world level

Players that have inspired him: Quite a few ranging from local league to professional level where I have tried to take all the parts they do best and put them into my routine as a player. In 8 ball pool I would say Gareth Potts, in Snooker I would say Stephen hendry, but in 9 ball there are so many greats to copy off.

Tips/advice for aspiring players:
My tip would be to enjoy it for a start, as if you don’t enjoy it then your not going to give your best effort. Take advice, play as much as can and study as many players as can to learn as much as possible.

Best advice he received from someone:
Take advice, play as much as can and study as many players as can to learn as much as possible.

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Major Accomplishments

  • Won the GB9 British Grand Prix Challenge Event
  • Finished in the final 16 in the GB9 British Grand Prix
  • Ranked 10th in the GB9 Tour
  • British CIU Singles Champion
  • World 8 Ball Singles Semi Final
  • European Champion
  • Snooker Local League Champion (2014-2015)
  • Over 20 Years of Trophies from League Singles Events in Cwmbran, Abergavenny, & Pontypool


I was just a normal guy growing up in a small community in South Wales, where I fell in love with the game of snooker at a early age. After playing locally and being coached I moved into the local pool scene at the age of 12. I have played pool on and off since from a range of local leagues all the way up to world stage events representing my country. I just love cue sports in many different disciplines which I dive deep into and try to give them all my best.

Other Activities Terry Enjoys

I enjoy playing golf where I am 4 hcap, watching few different sports, and coaching a few players.