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Mazin Shooni

Mazin Shooni - McDermott Ambassador

"Amazin Mazin"

Three Cushion

Ranked #5 USBA

McDermott Ambassador Since: 2017

Competes: Worldwide (three cushion), New England (pool)

Home Club: Amazin Billiards - Malden, MA

Favorite Venue: Casino del Sol - Tucson, AZ

Players that have inspired him: My first inspiration was Sang Lee. I have great respect for the games of Dick Jaspers, Torbjorn Bloomdahl, Danny Sanchez and, of course, the legendary Mr. Ceulemans.

Tips/advice for aspiring players:
Practice, participate in tournaments and try to play the better players as much as possible. You can always beat a lesser player, but you will learn more and advance more quickly by playing a better player. 

Best advice he received from someone:
Simplify your lifestyle, eliminate negativity as much as possible and you will be better able to focus on your game.

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Major Accomplishments


I came to America at a very young age and started skipping school to hang out at the local pool hall. I loved watching Alan Hopkins and Corn Breadred, Jay Swanson, and Steve Mizzrek in Detroit.

When I saw George Ashby and Bob Ameen play 3-cushion, I was hooked. I thought, “I can do this.” I started playing and traveling to tournaments and then I met the legendary Sang Lee in Chicago. He took me under his wing and helped fine tune my game in order to take it to the next level.

Sang Lee was one of the greatest and I spent decades coming in second and third to him. He was the best mentor an up and coming billiard player could hope to have.

I won many tournaments all over the country but the National Championship title proved elusive until 2006, when I won with records that have yet to be broken today. I represented the country in the world championship in 2007, placing 12th. I won the team Pan American championship in 2012 in Columbia.

I have been a USBA (United States Billiard Association) Board of Director for 30 years and recently became its President. Today my focus is on promoting the beautiful sports of pool and 3-cushion billiards. My room in Malden, Massachusetts, Amazin Billiards, is dedicated to the serious player, and is home to the BCA league.

When I started playing, there was no such thing as sponsorship for 3-cushion players. I am proud to have brought great companies to the table as sponsors to me personally and to the sport, especially the recent addition of McDermott. Together, the USBA and its sponsors are doing great things for the sport.