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i-1 Big Boy Shaft

3/8"-10 joint: $259

McDermott Cue leads the way again in high performace

shaft technology. Being on the leading edge of innovation has allowed McDermott Cue to be the pereferred choice of billiard players worldwide.

Tenon Tip Technology
• The i-Shaft's Tenon Tip technology transfers energy from the tip into the carbon fiber core producing a solid hit that maximizes the speed and accuracy of your shot.

i-Shaft Construction
• Unidirectional fibers

• High-strength composite fibers for exceptional durability and hoop-strength
• Ultra-small diameter and unidirectional carbon fiber core

Premium Urethane Joint Insert
• The ultra-durable precision milled urethane joint insert ensures a consistent joint fit to minimize vibration.

i-1 Big Boy:
• Samsara Impregnated Hard Leather Tip
• Full 13 mm
• Short Break/Jump Taper
• Legal in All Leagues/Tournaments

i-2 intimadator shaft chart