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G-Core Shaft

Standard 3/8"-10 joint: $159

McDermott Quick Release Joint: $189

McDermott Cue leads the way again in high performace

shaft technology. Being on the leading edge of innovation has allowed McDermott Cue to be the pereferred choice of billiard players worldwide.

The G-Core shaft technology signiifcantly stabilizes the shaft through the use of a three-layer core positioned in the front impact area of the shaft. G-Core technology increases shaft stability by 65%, promoting increased accuracy with enhanced radial consistency. The G-Core also utilizes our proprietary CT Tenon technology: a carbon fiber ferrule core which results in greater strength, efficiency and precision.

Everest Tip by Tiger:
• The Everest tip shapes like a hard tip. hits like a medium, but has the control of a soft tip. it includes a red warning layer that indicates when it needs replacement.

CT Technology:
• Carbon fiber extends through the shaft wood and into the ferrule with an additional dampening device to reduce vibration. This results in a stronger ferrule assembly with maxium impact properties and enhanced feedback.

Triple Layer Design:
• The G-Core's triple layer design stabilizes the fron impact area of the shaft, reducing vibration and minimizing shaft distortion. Its carbon fiber layer increases radial consistency, promoting enhanced accuracy and stability.