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Intimidator i-Shafts

The i-Shaft’s carbon fiber core extends from ferrule to joint, stabilizing the entire shaft for absolute control and predictability. This virtually eliminates the inconsistencies found in traditional maple shafts, resulting in total control at all shot speeds.

Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core

  1. Unidirectional fibers
  2. High-strength composite fibers for exceptional durability and hoop-strength
  3. Ultra-small diameter and unidirectional carbon fiber core

i-Shaft Construction

Intimidator i-Shafts allow players to change power and spin-rate to maximize the speed and accuracy of their shot. The patented i-Shaft system has identified the variable characteristics required in your game (Power, Control and Feel). Utilizing our proprietary Intimidator Carbon Energy Technology (ICE), we have designed the industry’s most radial consistent shaft to help maintain accuracy at all speeds.


Tenon Tip Technology

The i-Shaft’s Tenon Tip Technology transfers energy from the tip into the carbon fiber core producing a solid hit that maximizes the speed and accuracy of your shot.


Radial Consistency

Radial consistency is the shaft’s ability to perform the same way on every shot, regardless of its orientation. The carbon fiber core technology found in the i-Shaft makes it the most radial consistent shaft on the market. The i-Shaft will consistently provide a straighter cue ball path, minimizing the need to compensate for spin and throw.


Kamui™ Black Tip
The Kamui™ Black tip consists of the highest quality Japanese pigskin leather. It has a higher porosity, allowing the tip to hold its shape and chalk more effectively. The enhanced cue ball grip results in more control and accuracy with less force.

More Control   More Accuracy   More Chalk   Less Mushroom
Kamui™ tips create more ball spin with less force. Increased spin on the cue ball means increased playability.   Kamui™ tips limit squirt and deflection by gripping the cue ball. Your shots will be consistently more accurate.   Kamui™ tips hold more chalk because the high quality leather has more porosity. More chalk means less miscues.   Kamui™ tips are specially treated to resist shape distortion and mushrooming of the sides of the tip.

Intimidator i-Shaft Comparison

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i-1 Big Boy Shaft- Starting at $259

The i-1 Big Boy is the most powerful shaft in the Intimidator series. It uses a 13.25mm impregnated hard leather tip that holds contact with the cue ball longer than a phenolic tip. This makes the i-1 Big Boy ideal for breaking and jumping with extreme control.
i-1 Big Boy Taper
  • 3/8"-10 joint (standard)
  • 13.25mm Samsara ultra-hard tip
  • Short break/jump taper

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Samsara Leather Tip

  • Break/jump tip
  • 9 layer laminated calf skin
  • Ultra-hard
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i-2 Shaft - Starting at $259

The i-2 is the most popular shaft in the Intimidator series. Known for its incredible control and consistency, the i-2 is the perfect all-around performance shaft. It is designed for players that want maximum control without sacrificing power and finesse. The i-2 has a 12.75mm tip and comes standard on all McDermott cues $700 and up.
i-1 Big Boy Taper
  • 3/8"-10 joint (standard)
  • 12.75mm Kamui Black Soft Tip
  • Pro Taper

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Kamui Black Soft Tip

  • High-porosity allows chalk adhesion
  • High-elasticity increases grip; reducing miscues
  • Excellent balance between ball control and spin

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i-3 Shaft - Starting at $259

The i-3 is performance at its highest level. It is designed for incredible spin and finesse. With a 11.75 mm tip, the i-3 is engineered for highly-skilled players who have great control of their stroke mechanics and are looking for more cue ball action.
i-1 Big Boy Taper
  • 3/8"-10 joint (standard)
  • 11.75mm Kamui Black Super Soft
  • European Taper
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Kamui Black Super Soft Tip

  • Highest elasticity of the Black tips
  • Maximum contact time between the cue ball and tip
  • Generates more spin with a lower stroke speed
It is recommended that you send in your cue butt when purchasing a new shaft. This allows us to custom fit your new shaft to your existing cue. Without sending in your cue, we cannot guarantee that the shaft will fit perfectly.

Available in all major joint sizes
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