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Custom Pool Cues:
Exotic Inlay Materials

Do you think one of our cues would look better with bocote instead of cocobolo; green burl instead of turquoise; pewter instead of brass? Are you looking to have a cue built that's totally unique to you? Now you can. You call the shots. You choose the materials. You make it yours. Custom pick from McDermott's extensive list of exotic woods and materials to custom build a cue that is exclusive to you.
    • Select any McDermott catalog cue: Prices Listed Here
    • Custom inlay materials: +$300*
      *Pewter, brass and abalone are subject to higher fees, contact a McDermott Sales Representative for an estimate.

    Call 1-800-666-2283 or email sales@mcdermottcue.com with any questions or to place an order.