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Elephant Billiard Balls & Pool Training Accessories

Elephant Balls are top quality billiards balls. They are made from premium grade materials with a high-gloss finish to avoid pool table cloth wear. Elephant Lunar Rocks were featured in the hit movie 'Pluto Nash' starring Eddie Murphy. Want to become a better pool player? Check out some the Elephant Balls billiard training accessories. They will help you take your pool game to new heights.

Elephant Lunar Rocks Billiard Balls Pluto Nash

Elephant Lunar Rocks Billiard Balls

Back By Popular Demand! This state-of-the-art set of Elephant Lunar RocksTM were engineered for the Hollywood motion picture “Pluto Nash,” starring Eddie Murphy. The silvery moon rock texture combined with stylized oversized numbers make these balls unlike any on the planet. Elephant Lunar Rocks are precision crafted for perfect size (2.25”), balance, roundness (within .001”) and weight (4.25oz). The high-gloss finish and premium grade materials reduce table cloth wear.

• Silver Moon Rock Texture
• Space-age Design
• Vibrant Colors
• Professional Grade
• Perfect balance
• Superior craftsmanship
• Traditional play action
• For home or commercial use

• Ball weight is 4.25oz

MSRP: $150

Elephant Beautiful Balls Billiard Set

Elephant Beautiful Ball Billiard Set

Simply stunning. Elephant Beautiful Balls are the classiest balls in billiards. Molded and finished in a perfect sphere, with both dynamic and static balance, each ball is precisely crafted to meet every specification for professional quality billiard balls, including roundness (within 0.001"), size (2.25"), weight (6oz.), and balance (perfectly balanced). The unique marbelized design, combined with vibrant colors, make each ball a one-of-a-kind work of art that cannot be replicated. Our trademark stripe on the balls 9-15, makes the set easy to use for all your favorite billiard games

• Superior craftsmanship
• Regulation size, weight, roundness and balance
• Traditional play action
• For home or commercial use

MSRP: $180

Elephant Balls Marble Rack Billiard Set

Elephant Marble Rack Billiards Ball Set

• Professional Grade Billiard Balls
• Marbelized Pattern
• Numbers in "Rack" Shape
• Vibrant Colors
• Official Size and Weight

MSRP: $85

Elephant Traditional Billiard Balls Set

Elephant Traditional Balls Billiard Set

It's not enough for a set of billiard balls to be inexpensive - they must be durable, yet attractive, with the same playability you've come to expect in professional grade billiard balls.
  • Durability - The most durable set in its price range. Comparable to sets at twice the price.
  • Attractiveness - Vibrant colors combined with high-gloss finish make this set one of the most attractive on the market
  • Playability - Consistency is the name of the game, which means each ball must be weighted and sized properly, perfectly balanced, and uniformly round

Out of Stock
MSRP: $70

Elephant EZ Shot Cue Ball

Designed for beginner to advanced players. Elephant EZ Shot Cue Ball teaches and reinforces fundamentals of cueball control ("english"). The EZ Shot Cueball improves concentration and focus and helps to develop consistent play. It promotes rapid improvement and increases the accuracy of your stroke. It's simple and fun to use and is the perfect for pool players of any level to improve their game.

MSRP: $20

Ghostball Billiard Practice Aim Trainer

Ghostball Aim Trainer

Elephant Ghostball Aim TrainerTM helps to improve focus and aiming points. It takes the confusion out of position play so you can better place the cueball for your next shot. Designed for beginner to advanced level players, the Ghostball Aim Trainer gives instant visual feedback so you can improve your game. It comes with a 12-page easy-to-use instructional booklet.

MSRP: $15