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Top Billiard Cue Shafts
MSRP: $119


Element pool cues feature F2 Dual Fiber Core Technology which utilizes multiple strands of thin carbon fiber, overlapped and reinforced with our resin fiber-polymer. This combination makes them incredibly strong for their weight. The high strength-to-weight ratio provides optimal balance and durability while maximizing the power and stability of your stroke.
G402 McDermott Pool Cue
* Dual Fiber Core butt/shaft
* Blue fiber
* Multi-Color sleeve overlays
* 3/8"-10 joint
* No wrap
* Stainless steel collar/butt plate
Element Stainless Steel Butt Plate Stainless Steel Butt Plate
Element's stainless steel butt plate provides ultimate durability, and features an optional adjustable weight system to quickly and easily customize your cue's weight.
Element Stainless Steel Joint Pin Stainless Steel Joint Pin
Element's 3/8"-10 stainless steel joint pin provides ultimate surface-to-surface contact between the butt and shaft for a solid hit.
Element F2 Shaft F2 Technology Shaft
The Element shaft utilizes F2 Technology and is coated with a special polymer for a smooth, low-resistance finish.