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Dr. Cue Lesson 20: Straight Stroke

In lesson 20, Dr. Cue shows how to maintain a straighter stroke to avoid miscues.

Dr. Cue Lesson 19: Cue Ball Position (Side Spin Practice)

Dr. Cue teaches you how to use side spin to position the cue ball for your next shot.

Dr. Cue Lesson 18: High English Practice (Part 2)

Dr. Cue teaches explains more high English practice techniques.

Dr. Cue Lesson 17: High English Practice (Part 1)

In Dr. Cue lesson 17, Tom Rossman shows you how to use high English to set up your next shot.


What Makes a McDermott?

A few months ago we developed some new materials to help you understand what makes a McDermott the best in the business. Click the image below to learn about McDermott’s Tri-Core Butt Construction, Lifetime Warranty and Lifetime Maintenance.

Dr. Cue Lesson 16: The Stop Shot

Dr. Cue teaches you an exercise that will help you perfect the Stop Shot.

Dr. Cue Lesson 15: Rhythm and Fluency

Dr. Cue teaches you how to use a pre-shot routine to develop rhythm and fluency.

Dr. Cue Lesson 14: Follow Through

Dr. Cue teaches you how to perfect your follow through to improve your accuracy

Dr. Cue Lesson 13: Developing a Better Stroke

Dr. Cue teaches you how to develop a better stroke on the cue ball.

Dr. Cue Lesson 12: Speed Control

Dr. Cue teaches you how to become more in touch with the feel and speed control of your cue ball.