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Dr. Cue Lesson 43: Walking The Dog!

In this lesson Dr Cue demonstrates how to play for position when you are dealing with a side pocket.

Dr. Cue Lesson 42: Follow Position

Similar to last weeks lesson Dr. Cue shows you how to gain position on the 8 ball when two balls are frozen to the cushion but instead of using draw compression he uses follow due to an opponent blocking the corner pocket.

Dr. Cue Lesson 41: Draw Compression

Dr Cue. Shows you how to deal with a cue ball and object ball that is frozen against the cushion using draw compression. This technique also allows you to play for position on your next shot.

Dr. Cue Lesson 40: Mental Aspect of Game Approach and Overall Enjoyment

In lesson 40, Dr. Cue teaches you the most valuable lesson always enjoy what you do. Enjoy the game!

Got Balls? by Tom Simpson

McDermott announces free cue giveaway for September 2012

MENOMONEE FALLS, WI (September 1, 2012) – McDermott Cue Mfg. LLC is a leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of pool cues, performance shafts and billiard accessories. McDermott is proud to announce the September 2012 free cue giveaway contest.

Each month, McDermott gives away a free pool cue to a lucky contestant. This month, the giveaway cue is the G206. It features a heavy Birdseye Maple forearm and sleeve with black Spies Heckler paint. The G206 comes standard with McDermott’s high-performance G-Core shaft. For this month only, the winner of the giveaway contest will also receive a free set of Elephant Marble Rack balls.

To enter the contest, visit and fill out the simple survey. There is no limit to the number of times one can enter the contest. At the end of the month, McDermott will randomly select a winner to receive the free G206 and Elephant Marble Rack ball set. Congratulations to last month’s winner, Melissa Potter of Dowagiac, MI. She won a brand new G211C in September’s giveaway contest.

McDermott Cue is headquartered in Menomonee Falls, WI markets under the brands of McDermott Cue, Star Cue, Lucky Cue, Element Cue, Wildfire, Pool Prodigy, Intimidator Shafts, G-Core Shafts, Big Boy Shafts, Sledgehammer Break Cue, Stinger Break/Jump Cues and Elephant Balls.

For more information about this press release contact Derek Blaguski, Marketing Director at or call 1-800-666-2283. More information can be found at

Dr. Cue Lesson 39: Simple Formula for Fine Tuning Mechanics

Dr. Cue shows you the best way to fine tune the basics through practice and repetition.

Dr. Cue Lesson 38: Cushion Compression and Curve Effect

In lesson 38, Dr. Cue teaches you what to do when the cue ball is frozen between a ball and a cushion using masse.

Dr. Cue Lesson 37: Special Masse Application

Dr. Cue shows you how to use a trick shot to win the game when your opponent has the pocket blocked.

Dr. Cue Lesson 36: Foundation for Masse!

In lesson 36, Dr. Cue teaches you how to curve the ball when jumping just is not an option.