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Holiday Gift Guide

It’s almost Thanksgiving which means it’s time to start your Christmas shopping (if you haven’t already). I want to use this post to give you a few gift suggestions.

Below are our McDermott Cue Kits. They range from $49 to $89 and give you everything you need to get started. Our kits are the perfect gift for any pool player.

McDermott Billiards Starter Kit 4

McDermott Cue Kit 4

McDermott Billiard Starter Kit 3

McDermott Cue Kit 3

McDermott Billiards Starter Kit 2

McDermott Cue Kit 2

The next gift is the Elephant EZ Shot Cueball. This training ball is for enhancing your game where it is most important… the fundamentals. For only $20, any beginning to intermediate player can benefit by learning how to strike the ball more consistently for the perfect shot every time. We also offer other training items to enhance every aspect of your game.

Elephant EZ Shot Cueball

Elephant EZ Shot Cueball

Another special gift idea is our Prodigy cue. Our prodigy line is designed to give the same great McDermott quality cue in a size more appropriate for children. They’re perfect for getting your young pool prodigy started out right. The Prodigy cues are available in a range of sizes for all ages.

Keith O'Dell Jr - McDermott Pool Prodigy

Keith O'Dell Jr - McDermott Pool Prodigy