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Cue Maintenance Series: Proper Storage

Hey everyone. We wanted to do a few blogs on how to take care of your cue.  With proper care and maintenance, your cue will last a lifetime. This short series will explain a few of the simple things you can do to keep your cue playing like the day you got it.

Proper Storage

Your cue should be stored in consistent temperature and moisture conditions. Extreme temperatures or humidity will cause warpage. If the cue is being stored on a wall mounted rack, be sure it is kept perfectly straight. Avoid wall mounted racks that are installed on an exterior walls. Exterior walls tend to be subject to extreme changes in temperature and/or humidity from changing weather outside. For extended storage, it is recommended to use a carrying cue case laid on a flat surface, leaving the case open to allow movement of air.

That’s it for part 1 of our cue maintenance blog series. Take care of your cue and it will take care of you.

See you soon,


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