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Dr. Cue Lesson 50: Reverse 4 Cushion Shot!

Dr. Cue demonstrates how to do a reverse 4 cushion shot when your opponent plays defensively. He also shows you how to make adjusts on a reverse shot.

Dr. Cue Lesson 49: Compression Kicks

In this lesson Dr. Cue shows you a shot taken out of the movie The Color of Money which uses the Compression Kick shot.

Dr. Cue Lesson 48: Kiss Back Position 9-Ball

Dr. Cue shows another advantage to using the kiss back shot to gain position in a difficult setup when playing 9-ball.

Dr. Cue Lesson 47: Jump Kiss Back!

In lesson 47 Dr. Cue shows you how to use a jump kiss back shot to get over a ball that is blocking your path to get to the 8 ball. This trick shot could help you win a game of 8 or 9 ball depending on the situation.

Dr. Cue Lesson 46: Combination Kick Back

In this lesson Dr. Cue shows you how to use a kiss back shot & a combination kick back shot when playing 9-ball to your advantage.


Dr. Cue Lesson 45: Force Follow Shots! Part 2

Dr. Cue expands upon last lesson to show you how to use a force follow shot off the cushion to get around a ball in your way to get to the object ball.

Dr. Cue Lesson 44: Force Follow Shots! Part 1

Dr Cue shows you how to do a force follow shot to get past a ball in your way to get to the object ball.

Dr. Cue Lesson 43: Walking The Dog!

In this lesson Dr Cue demonstrates how to play for position when you are dealing with a side pocket.

Dr. Cue Lesson 42: Follow Position

Similar to last weeks lesson Dr. Cue shows you how to gain position on the 8 ball when two balls are frozen to the cushion but instead of using draw compression he uses follow due to an opponent blocking the corner pocket.

Dr. Cue Lesson 41: Draw Compression

Dr Cue. Shows you how to deal with a cue ball and object ball that is frozen against the cushion using draw compression. This technique also allows you to play for position on your next shot.