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Hello from McDermott!

Hey guys!

It’s Derek from McDermott. This is our first blog post ever. I feel like this is a good way to keep you informed about what’s going on with McDermott as a company and also what I’ve been working on myself. I’m marketing/graphics guy here. Just today we launched a new Facebook campaign. For those of you who aren’t our facebook fans, click here to become one.┬áJust by becoming a fan on facebook you’re eligible to win free stuff. We’re giving away 3 shirts a week and one cue a month. This month it’s the G206, which has our G-Core shaft. You can check out the cue here. Hopefully, all of you will become our facebook fans. It’s pretty easy and you can win free stuff! If we get a lot of support from you guys we’ll continue these promotions (hopefully forever!)

Well this is just the first of many posts. Feel free to leave feedback, questions or concerns. I’ll be happy to talk about anything! Until next time…

-Derek B