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2x2 Premier Pool Cue Case

2x2 Designer case

75-0937 | Green Grunge

MSRP: $95


Cue Configuration: 2 butts - 2 shafts
Interior Dividers: Nylon sleeves
Case Type / Shape: Hard / Oval
Exterior Material: Vinyl with multi-color graphics
Exterior / Interior Length: 34.25" / 32"
Pockets: 2
Jump Handle Sleeve: Yes
Handle / Strap Location: Side / Back
Loading Direction: Bidirectional
Case Closure: Zippered
Weight: 2.3 lbs.
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2x2 Designer Case also available in Blue Floral, Blue Tribal and Red Tribal.

blue floral case blue tribal case red tribal case
2x2 Premier Pool Cue Cases